The Green Mile (Darabont, 1999)

The Green Mile Poster

“I have no illusions of immortality, but I will have wished for death… long before death finds me.”  The Green Mile is no ordinary film. It touches upon comedy, drama and most specially, the act of God. John Coffey (played by Michael Clarke Duncan) is a big, black man on death row in the 1930’s, yet he has a child-like personality. As black people still wasn’t appreciated, obviously the film has to have a prison guard who acts like Coffey is worse than dirt beneath his feet: Percy (played by Doug Hutchinson). As much as want to hit him through the screen as he is clearly not educated enough to work on Death Row, we cannot but eventually we know he gets his well-deserved comeuppance. Even then, John still has the faith in mankind to help those who are are hurting, whether physically or mentally.

Emotions running high

Emotions running high

“We found each other. We found each other in the dark.” It is always the end scene that can make or break a film. There is nothing worse than watching an entire film and the ending being so poor, you wished you never saw it. The Green Mile doesn’t exactly have a happy ending, more of a situation that has to be wrapped up and couldn’t be handled in any other way. We sympathise with Paul (played by Tom Hanks) as he has to make a decision that affects him in more ways than he imagined. The close-up shots of all the prison guards, especially Paul & John Coffey are just perfect, seeing so much emotion (in some cases, tears) from men will get some type of reaction from even the hardest of person. They understand that they are condemning an innocent guy to die, but it is their job at the end of the day. They have no say in who gets to die or not.

189 minutes of a powerful script that gains new followers every day. “Why did I kill one of his true miracles?” Trust me; everyone is wondering this thought by Paul by the end of The Green Mile.


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